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VOTE 5!!!

I did.


I voted 5 :D

Nice Tribute...

You know, This Flash could help people, who have lost people in the war... And yes, I would Support Nuking Iraq, It seems to be the only way out of this god forsaken war...
1. STOP PUTTING VOTE 5, It dosn't work
2. don't insert the "Original" clock crew into photos of the aftermath of 9/11, Make your own based off of those photos, with the same style of art.

Good job

Besides the plane part i think yall did a good job showing you support the war.I dont think you were making fun of 9/11 i think people are just blowing this flash way out of proportion.

The guy before me is a idiot innocent i dont think there people are not innocent.There a bunch of damn bomb makers.Who cant get along with there one another.The only thing there good for is killing people.Though i think its way to late to nuke the middle east id support it if we decided to.Were americans damit and we have the bomb and we have used it.Anybody who is against this flash is a tree hugging hippy.Go back to smokin the grass and leave the war to the war to professionals.

Made me feel alot better

Your a true visionary.And while the graphics werent perfect ,thats beside point.very inspiring that that if we work together we can fix the worlds problems.my 10 goes to you sir