Reviews for "H"

i agree with the last guy..

It was sad and everything, but america is acting like this is the only disaster in history. America has done far worse to other countries.
For example, those Iraqi children....
anyway, it was spelt chernobyl, not tjerbobyl, christianc!


I admit that it was pretty sad and all that, but I'm sick and tired of people saying "nuke this" and "nuke that". I'm really sorry for all the people that died there, but is it worth destroying a damn country and spreading radiation to all it's neighbors? Heck, when Tjernobyl went boom several countries, among those Sweden, suffered radioactive rain that made several acres of food unedible and dangerous for everyone, including the animals that lived there. I'm no supporter of Bush, true, but didn't people learn anything from WWII and stuff. I mean, people are STILL suffering because of that. Ah shit, whatever. I didn't like the movie that much.

some people are really opinionated

Why would anyone think that the clock crew are un supportive of the tragic events that took place on september 11? the last reviewer stated that the clock crew were anti-american and unpatriotic. This is how the clock crew went to show their support and how their heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones. I'll admit that orange clock pulling someone out of the rubble was a little to far but all in all: The clock crew have earned my respect


I read through some of the comments and noticed people either loved or hated this movie. I guess it all boils down to different interpretations. I remember watching a little of this, it was disturbing to see this right after 9-11 and I wasn't motivated to write a review at that time. It just came up as a random entry and I am suprised to see it's still here. I think this movie is anti-American and very unpatriotic. StrawberyClock comes in with a piece of heavy equipment and states "let's get to work". This is sick and tasteless and just goes to show how low the clock crew will sink. I just saw the ending for the first time. Begging for votes on a so-called 9-11 tribute movie? Advocating a nuclear response, and the resulting deaths of millions of innocent people? I'm not sure if President Bush would want the support of the clock crew, especially after viewing something like this. OrangeClock pulling someone out of the rubble? That was the most sickening, egotistical, self-centered piece of animation I think I have ever viewed. It's one thing to paint yourself on the sidelines, joining us in our time of emotional distress, but if you weren't at Ground Zero, you shouldn't try to paint yourself into the picture. I would love to show this movie to some members of the FDNY and NYPD and see what they have to say about it. I would write more, but this horrible movie doesn't deserve my time.


i love the clock crew but i hope you put cretit to the real people that help out at 9 11 it was not fruit's