Reviews for "H"

c stands for crap.

before I thought the clock crew made bad flash but they had to go further.you went and made fun of a major tragety I would rather watch the disaster three feet away than watch that flash again I thought people were sad about that but I guess that some people like the cllock crew will just use it to make crappy unpatriotic flash movie.other artists don't attempt this, you will just get a rieveiw like this.

Proud to be an American

And I thought Clock Crew was lame, But seriously, nice work.
GRAPHICS: Hand done, but some of them were off the internet, I think.
STYLE: Er... Im gonna skip that part.
SOUND: I just like that song so you are lucky.
VIOLENCE: Didn't find anything beside the Kamakize attack.
INTERACTIVITY: A play button, so that works.
HUMOR: Is there any Humor in this? If so, I didn't see it. Sorry.
OVERALL SCORE: 97 / 100.
RANK: Lv. 49 / 50 EXP 953515 / 953520 - Beyond Great
Clock Crew, a ((Few)) REAL American Hero...s.

Dear Clock Crew

I love you guys.

I knew there was a reason I respected you guys!

And this reminded me of it. That you guys actually come through with great flash in the clutch. Though like the last reviewer, I think you guys should have stuck with all animation. But still, LET'S NUKE US A DIAPER HATTED ASSHOLE!!

God Bless the Clock Crew...

Those darn clocks, so thoughtful of others. Next time, stick with pure animation, though.