Reviews for "H"

The blinking seizure giving message is very clear


I love it when people make movie about my birthday. It makes me feel special ^^


O MY G'S! It would appear that someone's taking life a little too seriously again! Get this punk ass, it's called SHOWING SUPPORT, not MOCKERY! Ya fucking dumbass. If you spent half as much time in real life trying to educate yourself as you did on newgrounds, you would be TeH NuMbEr OnE WiNNaR! Alas, the winnar, it's not you.


ionly gave graphics 10 cuz of the red-whiteand blue clocks r0cks0rs my b0x0rs!


I'm glad to see orange put his flash skills into a tribute. Bravo.

Don't be so OTT about it

Yes, we're all pissed off about the whole 9-11 tragedy, but I'm pretty sure that nuking Ass-man (Osama) is just a tad OTT. I think you might have done better with either photos or animation, not both. When/if Osama is captured, he will definatley be executed, but lets not waste a nuke on the scumbag.