Reviews for "Interview With Osama"


i think that this flash is very good.

Wow neat

This flash is messed up lol. Its really cool just to see osama get hit and stuff. Osama's list of demans will never happen though lol. This Flash so cool i give everything a 10.

Well done

The funny part is where you interupt hit Osama Bin Laden while he's talking. I like the part where you hit him with a baseball bat and he looks like Mr. T. *laughing hard* Excuse me for a second. Are you insulting the author, doomscorpion? If you are, shut up. He'll tell you when another one will be released or not. Sorry about that, liquidgenerationous. Anyway, you got all 10's for this because I hate Osama Bin Laden and if anyone else talks to me about him, I don't wanna hear it! I love this flash. Excellent work. I compliment your work.

submit more...

or i'll go on and on about how 'liquidgenerationus' is a big fat miserly git!

Pretty cool!

liquid, you should really submit more to ng. This is cool!!!