Reviews for "-Cannibal-"

I bet...

U ate the God of Music before u made this....


I missed this one when I made that comment a bit ago about your new stuff not being dark enough.

Well done.

You are by far the best dark electronic/techno/trance artist Ive ever listened to. More like this and Clownparty, please.


I don't know why but this does remind me of one of the tracks from the first Age of Empire game very much. Especially the drums at 2:17 and that bird sound at 2:07.
Definitely worth a download.

dark. love it

shouldn't this be industial genre? it's... so dark. it's a mix of forest+desert landscape. like your being stalked by a killer in the forest then the clearing turns into a desert. RUN. FOR. YOUR. LIFE! -sabrehawk