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Reviews for "Brainimated"

What the hell!?!?!?!

Ok, i give it 6 because th esound didt work.

may be my comp tho.


That was pretty cool. Really good animation, or good drawings at least. A bit short, but I've seen worse. I actually wouldn't be too surprised if this got on the front page. Okay, It's probably not THAT good. But it's definately good. Nice work. Keep it up.

That was good.

I liked the lawnmower, that'd be kinda fun to go after zombies with something like that, though I'd stick to my shotgun. Well, knowing me I'd try the stupid thing and then try to jump off of something.

Good work

Your animation is good. The sound quality is clear and well done. There is nothing I can say really. Except keep on keeping on.

hell yeah

Braindead is awesome and so is this!!! i love it man thumbs up...