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Reviews for "Brainimated"


I'm not too much into the blood and gore stuff, and I don't think I have seen that particular movie (although I am pretty sure I have), but I do have to say that the graphics were really smooth. I think you should be (or currently are) proud that you made a good tribute to your (supposedly) lov-ed movie. I don't know much of the subject, but as a person with an opinion, your flash was good. Summary of all that jabber above: Good job.


not bad , you could of put a short story of why he killed people . cuz it seems as though he killed the people fpr no reason


Dead Alive is one of the funniest zombie movies ever. You did good with this but i would have liked to have seen the begining of the movie with the rat monkey and the guy getting choped up after he got bit.



I can see your efforts throughout the moive and the result was convient --- you did an excellent job! I love the bloody violence in the moive and the storyline was also well planned. Nice moive! 5/5.


this was good. it like the simpsons but blooder.
witch is so kick ass! yeah!