Reviews for "Monkey Mask"


hell now thats what I call jamming

hpanic responds:

damn right

Sick sounding

Its raw, I like that in punk music
Keep it up!

hpanic responds:


Good song, with a bit room for improvment

The song itself is very good. I like the instruments and I like the style. It would have been nice if you have repeated the theme as ending once more without distortion. One note only is not enough for me ;-).

Technical you can do some things. The overall sound is a bit dull. There are simply not enough high frequencies. You could try to put a lowcut filter on your e-guitars between 100-200Hz to "tidy up" low frequencies. In my opinion the drums could also be a litte bit louder.

All in all a very nice song indeed ;-)

hpanic responds:

ok... thx