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Reviews for "Mario's Chase"

I liked it, it was funny.

That was pretty good for a first sprite movie. Also, Final Destination is cool. I didn't expect the Benny Hill music to play. BTW, take your time with Luigi's Chase. No rush.

That....was great.

Now that was good.I loved the way the Goombas decided to run away from Mario rather than run at him.That was the first 5 Ive voted since Mario Mishaps!Loved it all:)

Not bad, not bad at all

Not too shabby. Kinda got bored with the monochromatic mario. I guess in these days i need more color to keep me stimulated (a.d.d.). One possible suggestion as well, good selection of music, just turn down the recording, I heard a lot of clipping, and/or better resolution sound formats.

kinda funny

power rangers reference made me laugh


Dude, mesage from satan ... "I command thee to make more really cool sprite movies!!!" there u go, do what the man says!!!!