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Reviews for "Mario's Chase"

This is f****** funny!

That is so funny when the second player (Luigi maybe) does what player one could not do!

Its a bit strange

I've never seen a flash like this before. It's a combination of different levels and a out of the matrix like world thing, especially the music which is weird. The whole floating blocks and a white bowser, a major paradox in the matrix system. I like that sort of stuff.

Good job!

Usually 8-bit flashes are a waste of my time and I hate them but I actually liked this one, I think I'll watch the luigi one!


Some many things to say, so little characters:

You can't go wrong with a Benny Hill chase scene. Link showed up too.

How did they end up in Metroid? That was wierd. Funny, but wierd.

Did Mario freeze on that vine? I didn't get that joke.

Overall it was a great Flash. I enjoy reviewing Mario stuff, it this takes the cake in humor. Oh, and: Hurray for Luigi!! Ha ha ha!


Those poor goombas! Suckers! & Mario... Luigi PWNS you!