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Reviews for "Mario's Chase"

Bump up the AI

I loved this flash, can't believe it was your first one. I was waiting for the time when the Goombas finally learned not to run straight at Mario

first flash eh?

flash by samuraiferret=11
dont lie.
anyway, work on it

SamuriFerret responds:

Sorry about that, it's my first SPRITE movie.

This is your first flash...?

HOLYSHIT! This is awesome! I liked the whole Luigi thing at the end. Final Destination rules!!! so does luigi:P anyways awesome movie. You should make more sprite movies

Not bad at all

this was a nice flash. very creative which is a nice change. the audio u had in there was top notch and the animation was well done. keep it up

oh one last thing...what is the name of that chase theme when they were in the underground pipes. ive heard it so many times but i still dunno what the name of it is....could u PM it to me?


That's one of the best Mario movies I've ever seen: lots of good music tracks; kudos to the artists! Fast paced, fun, and Mario doesn't survive. Plus, OMFG lUiGi!!! And the action / fight scenes kicked ass!
However; you said this was your first flash movie, yet you have a list of flash (~10) to your name already. Perhaps clarification (response) is in order?
-Review Request Club-

SamuriFerret responds:

Sorry about that. I was rushing and missed out the word 'sprite'. But thankyou for the review.