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Reviews for "Mario's Chase"

Not bad

Im not a fan of these old school pixelated graphics. Still, Id be lying if I said I didnt get some kind of enjoymen. The benny hine moment would be my fav part of this anim. Not bad.

Good, but nothing i haven't seen

Your music was great, how did you get that stuff? but its nothig original

Ive seen plenty of mario stuff, and after going down the list of mario parodies, nothing in the category is pure oringinal.

Ups: Great Music
Downs: Not original
Work on: Something besides mario (in my opinion)


Nice job, but next time, try making cool parts like the one marion was jumping on falling rock longer.

Great execution

A very simple concept, well executed. You used the benny hill theme, but it's still appropriate. I was impressed by your humor because it isn't exactly the same as everyone elses. It seems that everyone just copies eachother, and these jokes were original and funny.

I might wish to caution you that using a crystal to show freezing might not be convincing, but I figured it out.

You had great use of music, and it was key to setting the tone of the scene. Keep working on it, you can only improve.

In the meantime, work a bit on making things look cleaner, particularly the text and the hand-drawn graphics, but that would of course improve in time.

I'm impressed, and I'm looking forward to more of your flash work.

Brilliant Sprite Movie

One of the main reasons I come to Newgrounds is for the Mario movies, and this is one of the many that have become my favourites.

10 graphics because they fit from the game and you haven't used any graphics from other games (apart from the Metroid scene) that look out of place.

10 style because of the Mario transformation, the camera movement, the story idea and such. I've seen another Mario movie where the main focus is a chase, but it is still completley different to this.

7 sound because even though the choice of music and effects were good most of the background music seemed to be low quality and distracted me from the movie (Especially the music used in the pipe bit) so you could improve that nezt time. (Might just be my computer though)

1 Violence because there was just Bowser falling into lava.

10 Humour, the ending was brilliant.

You should try more sprite movies. I prefer this to all your previous movies.