Reviews for "SuperDuperMario(contest)"

oh my god!

holy shit! the fighting scene was fucking hilarious!


I thought the most funny part was when Mario farted fireballs out of his butt!!!!!!!!


Looks like a future version of flash with high definition graphics. You are definitely one of the l337 flash artists. Everything looked smooth and the music went along well with it. Hopefully we will see more flashes like this one in the near future.

Colombian-Outcast responds:

thx i had noticed a few choppy spots

Reall Good!!!

Keep it up dude! Real good 3d sprite! I hope to see more of your animations in the future!

Colombian-Outcast responds:

i plan to keep flashing


MARIO JUTSU! Hilarious!

Colombian-Outcast responds:

i no it kinda poped into my head