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Reviews for "Physics of Flash (new)"


I agree with you about my first flash film, except that I didn't have any sound, The trees wern't rainbow filled, It was a knife, and the stick figures were blue. Oh yeah, and I never submitted it to the portal. Maybe I should ;-)


Refreshing. You actually don't become what yourre trying to make fun of.


Thats nice and sarcastic. Its great!! HAHAH sound of a bucket.

The recorded and replayed bleating of a dead sheep

We all know that there is a lot of crap on the portal, but purposly making crappy flash just to make fun of it doesn't impress anybody. Instead of naysaying the crap and imitating, er, "parodying" it, why no work on making an actual good peice of animation.
Also, in the opening, it's "our" not "are" in the sentence "We all know what are (sic) first flash was like," and don't call me a grammer nerd, because only a severly retarded jellyfish the just learned how to write in order to make this movie would have made that mistake.