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Reviews for "Physics of Flash (new)"


hey man this is good you no something im glad some1 eventually did something like this and you did it cooooooooool one man my 1st one was called trampoliner check it out man it suuuux but im working on some shit that every 1 will think is worth while. and whilst i was making trapmpoliner i thought to my self everyone makes people killing each other so i decidied to do some shit different and i still got crap marx man so yours is good and the reason i gave it shit marx is coz you deliberately did them duuuump

Very Instructive

Good movie it shows you instructons!
Now i know how to make my film!!


This is my absolute favourite thing on newgrounds!
good work fella!

Ture, funny, and very original

I loved it.. but i can't seem to find the easter eggs, i have seen one of them, but it doesn't do anything(i don't think) i have only spotted that in one of the 'rule' parts where there is writing, at the end of the first line in the word man it is first the word main but then changes to man
but i don't see anything special bout that..

Decent Effort

It was very funny. To bad everything else sucked.But everything you said was so true.