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Reviews for "Terri Irwin's REVENGE"

Fuck you asshole rip steve irwin

Solid "Bastards" Game

It's nice to know that you guys can make a flash that fits the "bastards" style of offensive entertainment while also making a solid game out of it. This was a fun "space styled" shooter that took place in water. This was a unique gameplay experience and it had me chuckling at the sheer absurdity of it all.

Bravo, guys. This isn't the best game on NG, but for what you guys were wanting to do, this succeeded in a big way. :D

I absolutely love this game...

This game is right up my alley, kind of sick and twisted humor, the graphics are pretty good.

The only downsides to the game for me are:

the health meter - too low and way too sensitive as far as getting injured.

you didn't spread it out among levels - I was kind of hoping this would be like the old JAWS game for the nes

other than that good job.

Bad taste aside

this is a well made game. I see you guys have a knack for making controversial content... I personally wouldn't do it, and I don't at all agree with picking at the serious misfortunes of others... but hey whatever, at least this one doesn't suck. In fact this one could even be considered to be some sort of "tribute". lol... anyway, questionable content, but undeniably solid game. (the "review board" is no place for emotions. Gotta keep it objective.)

what is wrong with you people!?

jackal912 is officially a jackass 4 that! south park got sued and in my opinion so should you! making fun of the ironic death of the greatest austrailian hero is going to piss people off and you should have thought about that befor you made the fucking game! 0/5!