Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

waste of my time

first of all...wtf. why couldn't you just make new sounds for all the animals instead of using the ones right from the game?
second, when the fuck did protos start speaking english. dumbass
third, when the dude says "ill kill it with one shot", not only did each gun fire, each gun fired about 4 times by the sound of it.
fourth, why when they were falling down the tunnel and the ship was spinning, did the dudes not fall out of the back, AND, why was the background in the cockpit scene still flowing at a forward moving speed? CONTINUITY
and lastly....who the fuck cares about starcraft? get a life you loser

you did do somewhat of a good job by having music throughout the video. you could have made the video EVEN BETTER by having music at all points of the video, like in a professional movie. they wouldnt' even have to be large or quality files....just something to create that extra layer.
learned that one in art school

LogFish responds:

I appreciate your sense of humour, nicely done!