Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

thats funny!!!

the hydrolisk killing itself was funny but suck for it. your skill has inproved alot

one of the best movies on NG

the graphics were awsome for all the units and stuff and i love that u used the jurrasic park sfx for the zantaboan

ps where did u come up with the name zantaboan?? i didnt see it any game

LogFish responds:

Unfortunately I can't remember how I came up with the name Zantaboan, I did just make it up though. I usually take a name of something nearby and modify it till its unrecogniseable - the 'Rikiene Sector' was a development of my CD writer drive, which is a Ricoh.


Sweet, I reallt like your flashes and how you comment on everything. :3

But one question, how odes the dark archon mind control make the zerg weak? It controls them, not make their carapace so thin that it can get killed by an emergency pistol! :p

Any ways, I love your movies! Keep it up and I would like to see some lurker, devourer or goliath action in the next movie (after infestation)

LogFish responds:

The DA's made them present their soft bits for shooting rather than carapace.

Thanks for the comments, glad you like the series - stay tuned for some Goliath action, mech's are cool so I've been saving them for later in the series!

Nothing like a good Series

This is awesome, I hope StarCraft 2 comes out, there's buzz about it, or Worlds of StarCraft, ;)

LogFish responds:

Yes well that'd certainly get more views for my movies too so I'm keen for that to happen myself - not to mention I'd buy it, heh.

"Why do you use two guns anyway?"

"... cause it looks cool." hahaha, this line had me crackin' up.

I tried hard not to give these a perfect score, i did.

I know i'll get critisized for saying this but even though it's basically the opening, i really liked this episode.

As for accuracy, this is something that came out of your head, based on the Starcraft theme, so i won't knock ya if you change around perhaps some of the vehicles and such. Good job.

LogFish responds:

Thanks ! I'm glad you couldn't not give me a 10, hehe.