Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"


Man this series is awsome u betta keep makin cuz im luvin it ^^

LogFish responds:

I'm taking a bit of a break at the moment, but I'll finish it one day!


When our babycat was a kitten, he was very bitey and scrachy, and was in the shape of a white Zergling, on Zergling Blood gamesso we called him Samsam Zergling.

LogFish responds:

I'm pretty sure you've already told me that!

Too lazy to actually rate, so all 10s for you.

I regret keeping up with this series. It had been a while and I had just forgotten to check back for the continuations. I really like the story (as always) but, maybe this is just me, the graphics seem to have gotten smoother and 'better' looking. I like it! I was disappointed that they were going to mind control the 'big thing' instead of just nuking it. Nukes are more fun.

LogFish responds:

I guess they could've nuked it, but then I couldn't use it later because it'd be dead heh. Glad you noticed the graphical improvement, I try to fix little things and get a bit better each time - I can't watch the first episodes now they're so crappy compared to the later ones!


I don't know about these whiners, but I think this is cool. I played starcraft for about 3 years, made maps etc. This is one movie that truly looks like the real chars but then in your own style. I like it, and the movie makes me want to see all parts, never had that on newgrounds before...

Btw, that vulture rocks too ;).

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot! :) Hehe, the bloody vulture topic is a saga in itself!

Review the game a bit more

The sound cut out half the clip. And the so called "vulture" you tried to add in, it truly sucked. first of all there was no windshield, it was basically just a motorcycle, there wasa nowhere to stand on it. So you really need to look at the game a bit longer and closer.

LogFish responds:

The sound cutting out is not my movies fault, that's a hardware or software problem on your end. I've explained the 'vulture' in this episode about 100 times I'm not doing it again, if you care why it's different read my previous responses - however I am guessing you don't really care, you just want to shit on someones work. Motorcycles have wheels.