Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

oh no you killed my music gun

lol that part was funny i play b.net to im a noob :( im ilicepie


I play on b.net, add me: FiRe-PriNcE

thats mah username, anyways, the movie was amazing and funny! THUMBS UP!

The fuck head behind me

Zergzealot says: "pokemon retardednOObs"
did you just copied groudon from pokemon you fickin'nOOb!

Are you honestly that stupid ?? No idea is 100 % orginal our thoughts are made up of experiences (What we've gone through and what we've been told and taught) Pokemon no doubt copied that idea. You need to realise the effort and work thats put into this flash, It's a work of art and very enjoyable.

Weldone logfish great flash 10/10

LogFish responds:

Wtf is Groudon? I think that answers that query, haha.

Cheers dog glad you liked it! :)

Great job

i havnt seen any of your stuff in a while due to computer issues but its nice to come back and see something as good as this, keep up the good work.


have you ALWAYS wanted to hold 2 guns in starcraft?

I think they shoulda made a WoS(world of starcraft),that woulda rocked with home planets and everything!

and OMG all your movies rock there is no such thing as a bad movie from you

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot! :)

I thought the same about WoSc, but if you think about it, I think it'd suck. Half the enjoyment of SC is blowing the crap out of 100 units in 1 minute - warcraft is more of a stand there chopping for 5 minutes to kill a unit, like RPG's. The love in what SC IS and why it's still played today would be lost in that, it would disappoint. I'm all for a FPS personally!