Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"


I loved the animation(sorry bout the zero on sound I have no speakers) but my favorite part was the website thing i laughed my ass off!

LogFish responds:

molestationnursery, classic!

getting better

You're getting better and better with ur animation man.
And ur humour is still awesome lol, are u kiwi/aussie, cause i know when i hear good down under humour man haha.
Anyways since u are getting better i thought i'd up ur score from the last time, awesome job man!

LogFish responds:

Yea dog, I'm a kiwi :) Nothing like a dude getting hit in the head, heh

Another good one.

I'm a fan of these StarCraft movies you've been making. I've now watched this part - I'll have to get onto the other part later today.

I don't really have any complains. I have on previous episodes, but I've sort of gotten used to certain things I felt you were lacking in. Still, always keep improving with every installment.

I enjoyed the little "two guns" scene.

LogFish responds:

I'm trying to improve each time - the next episode I'm paying more attention to detail with special attention on explosions and gore / special effects so they should be much better, hopefully!


i can't believe how well this is made, the graphics are top notch, the story is entraling and there are some bits of humor here and there


I've always wondered if anyone fan of sc could be make an decent flash, and you've easily accomplished much more than that.
It's easy to easy your series is getting even better, there's more depth to your character, more style, and an addition of subtle humor.
It's still the unit framework that I like most. Especially the marine suit/zerglings. Their behavior/movements are much more lifelike as well.
Now that you've established a solid ground work for your flash, the only suggestion I can offer is to somehow tie it into some part along the sc storyline. Keep it going, I'll be looking forward to new units making their appearance in your work.

LogFish responds:

Cheers for all that - glad you're enjoying it! Hopefully the series will keep you interested for it's duration, I've still got a few things up my sleeve.