Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

Following in suit, this one rocks as well.

Just as good as the previous ones.

I was kind of disappointed you didn't show the DA, but I'm hoping it'll be in Part 2.

Also, I think you really got the Vultures wrong there. They're supposed to be a kind of large armored motorcycle. Check the diagram on the interface next time you play. That's actually a rider there near the middle. Also, if you play Campaign, you'll hear vultures refer to their vehicles as "bike"s quite a bit.

Despite being, in my opinion, very off on the depiction of the vulture, however, I thought the way you portrayed them was unique. And badass.

LogFish responds:

Cheers dog.

The vultures are a mild invention of mine, just larger APC like versions - I guess I should've said something in the movie to avoid people thinking im a retard who thinks vultures are as large as tanks, heh.


"omg, you killed my music gun"


Humor has definately improved, keep it up!

therapistfinder ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!
"Why do you use 2 guns?"
'Cuz it looks cool'

LogFish responds:

Molestation Nursery


awsom u guys fixed the loop nice


that was friggen hilarious with the way everything came out im definatly adding this one to top 10. 'you broke my music gun' god damn go to movie school and become steven speilburg jr lol
complaints... major disruptions in graphics quality between zantaboan and admiral fat cheeks
and kiwi style... got it. haha

LogFish responds:

Wow, kiwistyle - you must've paid some attention to where I'm from or something since you didn't call me british! Glad you liked it, stay tuned for the next episode probably mid week this week on NG.