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Reviews for "A Plane With Snakes on it"


this was funny good job leet


Get someone older to do the announcer guy...or wait to hit puberty

Unoriginal, but still *%&*$ funny!

Good job. It's unoriginal, but very funny. I wish it were a little longer, but it's good while it lasts.

"Hmmm, lemme see... AAAAAAAGGH!"
"Okay this REALLLLY getting old."

Not too origional

You sounded like you were trying to imitate the narrator from the other snakes on a plane trailers. The characters looked rushed too, try to spend abit more time on them.

And it looked to me like you were trying to copy the way the snakes attack and stuff from the other flash trailor somewhere on the monthly top 20.

This was funny

Good movie i liked it. Really needs some length though and more point but i like the randomness of it. Keep up the good work