Reviews for ""The Hitchhiker""


(How ironic, Yale getting mad at Helen for allegedly flirting when he himself is having an affair)

Advise Yale:
-Stop for the vagabond
-Stay in the car and talk to your client
-Introduce the women
-Ask Helen why'd she hit you
-You're just temporarily bewitched
-Tell Helen she's embarassing you

Advise Helen
-Say nothing
-Remain quiet
-Demand the truth about Yale and Angie
-Insist Yale tell you about him and Angie
-Tell Yale he's embarrassing you

Nice but...

I think I may have an idea who killed Angie,
but I won't be able to know that since I can't find the other episodes, and when I tried playing it on the real website and you still have to join so you'd be able to play, and I couldn't join, probably a glitch or something but I really want to finish the game.
Either ways it's awesome and it'd be better if I'd be able to finish..thanks.


I got through this one my first go round lol. I played as Helen, it was easy. I wonder if it was as easy for Ted. 0_o


helen is a retard the dude has a freaking bomb and she knows about it so she punches him and trys to walk out?

Great episode

Pretty easy but it is a great story. I really enjoy this series.