Reviews for "Joyful Adventures"

that was absolutley amazing

wooooooooooow THAT WAS AWSEME, uve dunnit agen rodney (sorri i felt like sayin that) u must be crazy or of had a reli bad acid trip to think up the storyline....i luved it. reli surreal and well animated
nice one!! keep up the gud work


i liked the end when the world started singing wham!


Freaking awsome.

Im happy =D

I love this!!! The blood is awesome and i like the part when the girl undos her shirt. You should have made it so she takes the shirt all the way off XD. It flows very good too. I am impressed with it very much.

Dude!! that was genious & actually cheered me up

AAAhhh I like the way you animate! its so fluid, its frame by frame right? Not cheesy motion tweens, of course.. ack if you could.. tell me how you get everything so fluid, breifly.. if ya can

ineedhalp responds:

I set the FPS to 30 and thats about it. It requires further in between frames, but it adds fluidity. Also, I still use motion tweens in some areas because I'm lazy like that.