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Reviews for "The Journey Begins !"


They should stick this up one of the Anno XXX games. :)

Maverlyn responds:

:) thx


Reminds me (strangely) of Night at the Museum. I have a few bits of harder critique for you, so hold onto your hat.

The original wood block/drum rim hits that keep the note remind one greatly of a clock- is that the intent? I find it sort of detracting to the melody when the melody comes in.

A cool effect you should experiment with is having the horn to the left (I think you have it slightly so already) so that you get more of a 'claxon-call' effect (letting the melody thus echo this effect). Also, get the harp in the start in the left and over its scale up and down, quickly move to the right, to give a 'flight' feeling. More along the line, make the chimes (whatever kind you are using...) go up one scale in the left and the other in the right, so they appear to echo.

Another thing that may be cool is making the drum roll more legato. You could do this by reducing the 'attack' of the snare during that part (if possible). That would give more of a rolling effect than the rat-a-tat-tat you get with a normal snare.

Also, sometimes, the low brass/trombones (or upright bass/low strings) overpower the other instruments, and sometimes they are too weak. Aim for mixing the instruments over presenting hard bass- and counter-lines. If you are not already, get the upright/double bass to back up the low brass in a simplified version of their music, not just uphold the chord... or get the cellos to do so.

Because the instruments aren't balanced so well, at points like 0:48 compared to 0:50 (and 0:54 compared to 0:56) are different in make up... though that may be intentional, I find it hard for my musical OCD to grasp. XD

Also, I think the addition of something in the 0:19-0:26 (before the chimes give the lead in to the forte) area would be helpful, even if it is just like a harp scale with a chime roll in it... or a change in chord with the low brass/strings.

The low brass/strings 1:03 need either to be a bit quieter (an extremely small amount quieter) or should be followed by a louder come-up. Same with :49 and :59. That repetition of dynamics gets boring after hearing the song about 10 times... which is what happens in the game.

The middle brass (trumpets/trombones) at 0:55 compared to 0:57 (and 0:48 compared to 0:50) are unbalanced also, leaving a hole in your melody and only giving the strings to hold it up.

All over all, it's a great song with great promise. Here are a few last things:

-If you can do it, adding a bass or tenor section would perhaps help. They would echo the low brass/strings at somewhere around in the 0:20s.
-A reed instrument like English Horn or oboe would be nice too, but it might overwhelm. I think it would allow a new theme to be echoed in the performance, or take on an echo theme to the rather tiring melody of flutes (it gets repetitive after 10 repeats or so...)
-Moving the instruments to their respective places on a stage would give a more harmonic sound and make your recording sound more realistic.
-A tiny bit more decay or wetness on the percussion would perhaps help.
-What kiiryu hit upon was the cymbal crash. I think an additional snare beat right before it would make it a bit smoother. There is a barely noticeable gap in between of the forte melody and the quieter prelude bit.

Well, I hope my suggestions helped a bit. I listened to the song about 30 times, so I think I hit everything I could possibly find wrong... which of course is a very small list. I think you did an excellent job on this and I hope to see more songs on NG like this.

Maverlyn responds:

thanks for your input. but i think im leaving NG. i might come back to ng if they make t so you have to comment to vote. till then, take care.


Makes me feel like I need to go on an epic journey :D

What program did you use to create this masterpiece?


Anyone who bombs this either -

hates you
jealous of you

and lastly

don't know music

Good work!! Do you have a youtube account?

Maverlyn responds:

yes but i have stopped posting there since its too much of a hassle :P


i play this while i look up at the stars, and i think... what a perfect combination!!!