Reviews for "{Dj-L} Forever"


Awesome song, i love songs with alot of bass, and the whole song overall is great. i can't wait for your future songs.

i like how this one was made

and the beat is nice and strong but its not to strong to block oringanel tune if u know wat i mean the tempo is just perfect and so on
great job
keep up good work

Birthday Gift ?

May 30 is ma birthday ^^


I know techno songs aren't sopposed to be a feeling type. But it feels like light at the long journey to heaven. Another 10 for the piano, as this is the only time I've heard a techno with piano!!!

Meonly70 responds:

Thanks, and wow, you've never heard techno with piano before? Theres tons of songs like that :P


very nice i like it keep going with it

Meonly70 responds:

Well, it is a full song :P Thanks