Reviews for "Stickman makes a Change!"


this was cool lol funny stuff

Renegade-Hamster responds:

Thanks Johnny!

P.S. No, I don't know you.

not too bad

and yes i read the author comments and understand (even though sound wouldn't hurt if u wanted to edit this at all) and i think its pretty good aside for a few things that go a bit too fast but ill give it a high B grade

Renegade-Hamster responds:

Hooray for me!


P.S. Thanks for reading my author's comments. You've made my day!


yo chill man i read the authors comment thing and its cool im not critcizing u for the lack of sound im just saying it wud be much better with a little music or sound effects. all in all good animation and i love the wig :)

Renegade-Hamster responds:

Thanks for the kind review.

But it would be nice not to hear the same complaint from every idiot who doesn't read the author's comments.

They should all just go die! I'm quite serious!


this would be a billion times better if you just added some music. omg.

Renegade-Hamster responds:


Am I getting through to you people?

I don't want to hear about the sound!

It's ok

If you put music and sound effects in it, it would be really good.

Renegade-Hamster responds:

*hits head against the wall*

Authors comments! Do you ever read them?