Reviews for "Spuzz.Maze.4"

nice dude

the last lv was kind of hard, i like how u couldn't cheat at the maze.

I like this.

I like the maze game. Its a very good concentration training. Please, do something more like this.

Hey Mehrdad, Yhnujm here

Great game, rather iritable and challenging, and yet very very fun!!

I reccomend everyone who views this submission to have a go at it and try completing the game, its worth a go!

Need an END

You got a 6 in humor for that Right Click deal. That was damn funny.

You should also add if you hit ALT or TAB that it does the same thing. I got all the way thru doing ALT+TAB, then placing my mouse over where the finish was, then hitting it again and being done.

But I did play without cheating too, just so ya' know. It was fun. The levels were good and pretty interesting.

I will say, that you need an ending other than just CONGRATULATIONS ON BEATING..."

Something a little more worthwhile for the people who play your game.

Good, though. 4/5

Not Bad for a maze game

Simple maze game, nice graphics....Unfortuneatly I found a loophole in your Anti-cheat guard....*Sigh* I know I know I'm a baaaaadddddd gamer.