Reviews for "Spuzz.Maze.4"

Good job!

I liked this but rightclicking still works.If you want to eliminate
the rc-menu then write this in the actionscript of the first frame
of the game:
I think it might be case-sensitive.
Anyway good maze-game.I really liked the song too.
Kepp up the good work!

Mehrdad14 responds:

yea but if you right click everything stops and you can just bring ur mouse to the end...so i made it so that you cant do that...

good but unoriginal

that was fun but way too hard! and there are simply too many games just like that one but still nice game, ahh so hard!

Fun game

It was a really fun game. The only problem was that by the third level the only thing that you can think of is "when is this game gonna get more interesting?"

Mehrdad14 responds:

yea on v5 we will make some sort of movie at the end...it will be funny...and it will end all spuzz maze series...

Need an END

You got a 6 in humor for that Right Click deal. That was damn funny.

You should also add if you hit ALT or TAB that it does the same thing. I got all the way thru doing ALT+TAB, then placing my mouse over where the finish was, then hitting it again and being done.

But I did play without cheating too, just so ya' know. It was fun. The levels were good and pretty interesting.

I will say, that you need an ending other than just CONGRATULATIONS ON BEATING..."

Something a little more worthwhile for the people who play your game.

Good, though. 4/5

nice dude

the last lv was kind of hard, i like how u couldn't cheat at the maze.