Reviews for "PickleMan's Green Thumb!"

Pero que absurdo el Game Over, es para decir, ¿Cómo va a explotar el mundo por no poner la cantidad suficientes pepinos en la jarra? Coincido con las personas que opinan lo mismo que yo acerca de su game over, pero sinceramente, me gustó este juego, las canciones que tiene me encantan, su jugabilidad es buena, al principio no entendía el juego, pero después vi que había que volar bien alto para poner los pepinos en la jarra. Felicitaciones por su esfuerzo.

Pretty much okay :/

Aside from it's flaws it's a zany little game.

I always wondered who the mascot was behind mockery and now I know this is his first (I think) game right? Its as silly as I imagined. It could use a bit more to it like powerups a leaderboard and medals. Hey maybe Pickleman 2? I dunno just a thought

Eh, seems pretty boring. Btw nbomb, you obviously havent seen the original version of this. It was pretty bad, almost as bad as this. In fact, maybe worse.

bad and an insult to the 8 bit era

i am appreciative of the effort but it's just not working for this game. am i missing something? the title says quote " the only game that makes gardening an adventure" really? an 8 bit piece of crap is passed on as an "adventure". fascinating.
how are you going to grow even a little cult game with this monstrosity being your first offering. i'm sorry for the short rant but this game is an insult. 5/10 for effort but 0/10 for lackluster appeal, if any. better luck next time.