Reviews for "PickleMan's Green Thumb!"

Nice Idea, but not so good overall...

The Reason why is because it just becomes boring very fast. Only the Jokes about the old Videogames I played myself when I was younger, by the age of 5 - 7, are nice. "Youre Failure killed the world" or that Cucumber-hero, beaten by a cheese-vampire-bat... lol!

But away from that, lets make a short checkout...
The Graphics were okay. I normally dont like the old pixeloptic, but it would look more worse without at this project: The Drawings are okay and fit.

You got the Style, your submission was supposed to feel like a parody of those old Videogames, and so it feels like.

The Sound - umh - it surely was supposed that it sounds like this, but even it was - I dont like the sound. The fact that it fits the game prevented a lower ranking. Just my taste...

Was that violence?^^
You should implement a powerstrike that can be done by only one man - the ultimative master who is supposed to beat them all! And Although it is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY~

~VERY VERY VERY hard to do the strike, our hero can perform it like eatin cheese...

Yeah, I interacted, but not that much...

The Humor we allready talked about....

Fuck yeah! NES all the way

another great submission from i mockery. go pickelman, go!
kick ass.

good game

but i read the instructions on where to put the cumcumber but i kept getting it wrong so im a bit crap at this game do you put it in the huge jar i did try but failed

An excellent old-style NES submission!

Bravo, I commend you.

This sure brings back old times. There's rarely any submission with uses NES-style.

As for the 0ers. Graphics are not the core of this game! Gameplay is! Geez, research your infomation right!

Great Game

I love this game, it reminds me of a good 80's arcade or NES game. The odd-ball humor gives it a lot of personality.