Reviews for "PickleMan's Green Thumb!"

pickle juice goes rotten

time to take out the pickle juice.because the graphics and violence look like it escape the SNES and crawled into the PC.sorry but please don't make the graphics and violence like old SNES style anymore.also the game is too darn hard.controlls are all screwed up.can these problems be fixed?

great retro game

i love the intro music at the start up screen from mario pinball

Very Nice and Retro

Reminds me of a lot of the old nintendo games I used to play n_n. All was good, but I felt the movement could have been improved. A dash or run button would have made it perfect. I loved the "angry nun" though, XD!! Play it to see what i mean ppl

You did everything right-

Except the game wasn't any fun, I love the retro feel and everything you've done with it... But I maintain, the games and your movies for that matter, I don't find entertaing at all. Which is really sad considering you're such amazing artist(s).

I do quite a bit of screenwriting and can help in this area. If you're interested, let me know.



sorry guy this was just horrible