Reviews for "PickleMan's Green Thumb!"

Well done guys!

I like the meshing of old Nintendo games into this idea. Where the old games used to have the oddest things happen for no reason, in order to advance the obsticles in the game. (Also I noticed the game music was from an old favourite Nintendo game of mine, called Soccer).

The game was simple, challenging and made me chuckle. I hope you guys continue to work together to advance the pickleman plotlines.

W00T im in a game lol

its a very fun game and its worth playing.


Pretty aweseome retro gaming style to it. Good job. Although i'd like to see a little bit more if interactivity. Still good non the less.

My dad does this every summer

wow this game has so much in common with what really happins around here. yes there really are people with big B on there chest which stands for bad lol

except we dont give the pickles away we eat em

Grrrrr... that's my name...

Lol i never knew there was a game named after me XD