Reviews for "PickleMan's Green Thumb!"


I like old style games,really.This was a professional job.

This is as much as I expected, and I expect lots.

Ah, I-Mockery. Pickleman has always been so off the wall, and this isn't any different. Angry nuns, vaguely defined baddies, cheese, failure on a global. Classic.

Also, the music sounds all Japanese 16 bit fun. And the story music is dramatic to the best effect.

Honestly, you're all out of your gourds. Keep it up!

Game Tips:

- Cucumbers may be hard to see. If you're really blind, you could try tapping A while running past the plants.
- Sometimes, it's easier to let the bad guy take your cucumber, then pay him for fetching it for you by knocking him flat and taking the cucumber yourself.
- The nun disapproves of ANYBODY that:
--Grabs a cucumber
--Throws a punch
Once somebody tries either, she will not be satisfied until the perp is slammed into next Sunday school. If you're flying, she'll wait until you are within range, so there's no point trying to run. You will lose one health when you get hit. REGARDLESS OF WHO DOES IT, THE WRATH SPARES NOBODY, so run if she's going after somebody else, or prepare to join the other guy in a vacation for two to Pain National Park. Which will happen if you don't run after tricking him into punching you. Just once.
Nun time is over when the music stops, so feel free to grab or whack whatever once it stops, even if she's still there.
-If the bad guy has your gherkin before the nun acts, run up to the bad guy, and he'll drop it and run instead of trying to fight. He also learns not to steal during nun hour after a few lessons of metric ownage.
-The worm is only there to get in the way, so you don't have to squash it.
-You can stand just below the B dude and he'll try to kill you but not be able to land a punch. This is a good way to wait for the nun to clean his clock. Remember to run like the dickens when she starts to dash.


I played it cuz of the music

Love the graphics and sounds, and awesome start. Now you just need to expand it more! By the way, you're logo makes it look like you have boobs.


It is good but too easy to die

Kinda pointless... and i like it! it's too easy to die though.

Ondschool pixel art games ROCKS

Perfect job. I love these oldschool-like games and flashes. Big congratz!