Reviews for "PickleMan's Green Thumb!"

Classic gaming!

This had a great retro feel to it throughout, from the visual style to the presentation, to the sounds. The audio in this was so spot on it was brilliant! Loved the random nonsense excuse for a plot, and the gameplay was pretty repetitive, but this still manages to fit into the retro feel of a classic 80's game. Good job here!

The Bat,

is dead annoying, it kept getting me so i couldn't put the cucumbers in the jar,


i thought it wasn't that great

not as good as i thought it was going to be good for some but not for all but i do thank newgrounds for giving me the opportunity to slack off at work all day long


Pickleman, the hero we have all learned to love. This is an absolutly hillarious game as well, great concept, smooth gameplay and the craziest idea since . . . chainsaw the children, maybe. Anyhow, great stuff. looking forward to many more forms of entertainment!



This game was hilarious! I loved the dairy bat, it made no sense! I LOVE IT!!