Reviews for "PickleMan's Green Thumb!"

Got What You Aimed For

Well I was laughing pretty hard, feeling like I was playing a NES game, or a Gameboy Game (Origonal one). This flash is UbeR Origonal And interesting. I enjoyed just looking at it, as well as the gameplay.

Its not bad.

The premise is sound, but its a little dull. I like the transition from drawings to pixels, but with Mr. Bad spawning alot five miles away where Pickle Man cant stop him while dropping a cucumber into a jar and avoiding a vampire cheese bat, it makes it slightly difficult to play.

Woah really nice game and music

Sweet memories with that music, Pinball and Soccer from NES ! Great job in general, you're doing very good work !

Mockery responds:

Thanks a lot, we were shooting for a total NES feel. Glad you enjoyed it!