Reviews for "PickleMan's Green Thumb!"

Great game.


Dear Sir,



The last time I reviewed one of your submissions (very favorably) your response was "dance." I am not a crony of yours, I just liked your earlier submission--don't insult someone who is complementing you. If this game had better graphics and gameplay maybe I would feel remorse about rating it poorly. Graphics is needlessly low-resolution and gameplay isn't too creative.

Mockery responds:

You are confusing me (RoG) with Pox. I wrote NONE of the review responses to the "PickleMan's Breakfast Battle" movie as Pox was the one who submitted it. On Newgrounds, only the person who actually submits the movie/game file to the site is able to respond to reviews, not the other contributors. So you'll have to take up your issues with him. But considering your very favorable review was only 4 words long, and not some epic write-up deserving of a huge response that you made it sound like, it's not surprising that his response was so brief. Pox is known for his amazing artwork, not his public relations skills. But for you to think of his "dance" comment to be an insult is clearly something that was lost in translation. That response was nothing more than his expression of an emotion. Haven't you ever seen somebody type *dance* or *swoon* or whatever? Welcome to the internet, Berder.

In regards to you not enjoying this game, that's too bad. I do have to disagree with your comment regarding the graphics though. Pox did a fantastic job recreating the classic NES 8-bit graphics feel. Anybody who cannot appreciate hand-drawn original detailed sprite artwork like what you saw on the title screen (or on the win/lose game screens for that matter) clearly doesn't know the kind of work it takes to produce it.


didnt really like it... could be better

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Mockery responds:

1) Well isn't that spiffy!

2) I'd like to thank insomnia.

3) Yes. Will you sign my right one?