Reviews for "PickleMan's Green Thumb!"


Awesome! I Love the wayyyyy-retro style everything was just right.
Good Job!!

Long live 8-bit!

I could of creid it brings back so many memrios, And its a great game and well done to you!

LMAO made me laugh when i died........

The 8-bit graphics bring back memories when u first played a video-game and you were hooked like ur hooked on coke.....

Anyway great feel the music really was great for the submission.
At first the controls were a little iffy but after 2 dies you get the feel for it.

Nice job, and if u guys give a bad review, you have no talent and/or you have no eye for talent.


funny as hell and its nice to see a classic styled game,must not give over pickles.


Graphics and sound are 10 since it's a classic-style game..
I really liked! The bat that cheeses you.. Sister Nun Lady.. Mr. Bad.. pure genius!
Great work..