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Reviews for "Memories of Green (S&B RMX)"

This pleases me. :D

I love Chrono Trigger and Drum N bass is great. Love the bass and how this piece was brought out. 3:12 caught me off guard. I'm not sure how I feel about that part to be honest-- it was short anyhow. Overall this is good music I don't have to really focus on while I do other things! :) 5/5

-- Chris

Xayro responds:


Like it!

Very good beat and love the flow. Good job on the remixing!

Check out my stuff too if you don't mind :)

verry nice

i like it


Xayro responds:


Chrono trigger Was DA SHIT!

Nice job, i have to give a ten, because hearing that song go on while i had to go where i needed to go was just straight up annying.
Anyway the song itself was good, grwat in fact, but it needed some effects.
Good job, and i give a 10!

Xayro responds:

Duly noted for when I do an original DnB song. Thanks for the good review!


I saw the title, and I expected a slow song. From playing the game I remember getting tired of the song too. So hearing an upbeat version of this was fantastic! I was honestly stunned at how well this was put together.

Xayro responds:

It's basically how I imagined encountering a battle on the world map would be XD Glad you enjoyed it, bro.