Reviews for "Ackbar : Directors Cut"

Quite different than the other episodes.

Considering there we're different characters in this one and it was a bit of a twisted script of the usual it was nice to see something somewhat different and overall it was still a great episode.




atually that really really suked....realy bad! sorry meatwade..try better next time... kay??

ackbar guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hear me out!!!!!!!1

everyone h8es yogibear ao use my icon as a new character plzplzplzzzzzzzzzzzzz


BOOMHEADSHOT GUY! Anyways, didn't make too much sense, but it's great!

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A great song added to this episode. Love the scatman song. That was rather unexpected too. I didn't know the Trap Button had that type of power to make the scatman appear.

^^Needs Improving^^
Why was ackbar a vehical from Star Wars this time? And who was that guy sitting in the chair. These changes don't really make sense to me.