Reviews for "Hurry Bird"

it's not bad

Your high score of 1011 was beaten easily once i knew the controls.

I kinda stopped after going through the same thing for the 8th time around.

Snubby responds:

The controls were on the menu at the bottem. 8 times 'round is a lot, thanks for the support.


w00t beaten ur high score

i got 1071 points :P:P lol im happy now and i voted 5 on ur game

Snubby responds:

Thanks, you beat my score just barely, grr! Thanks for the high vote, I really appreciate the support. Much love.

Very nice!

I've played a game somewhat like this before...not quite sure where though. But you did a nice job on it! I love birds...

My only suggestions on how to make this better are:
1. Maybe some better music that isn't so short. Listening to the same loop over and over is a bit too much...
2. I'd suggest a built-in highscore board. That would be perfect for a game like this.

Snubby responds:

I love birds too, I have a series called Duck Luck that co-stars a bird.

1. Better music? Sure, it was a quick selection anyway. It's hard to find music everybody likes, though.

2. I'd love to have a scoreboard, but unfortunately that's some heavy duty programming that I am not worthy of. Would be a great installment though, agreed.

Thanks for the review, :)

pretty good

it looks realy good, and altough iv played alot of games with this teme before, this one is probly one of or the best version. and i liked the music =) i like techno lol. the only thing is, i dont get why. why would a bird fly through a cave collecting magic floating orbs? lol. but anyway, goodjob

Snubby responds:

...Why wouldn't a bird fly through a cave collecting magical orbs? Havn't you ever watched the discovery channel?

thanks for the review.


I like these kind of games. It was kind of repetitive but it was still pretty fun. Can't wait for more 'toons from ya!

Snubby responds:

I was going to make Hurry Bird 2 with more kickass gameplay, but I dropped the idea so I can make more cartoons.