Reviews for "Hurry Bird"

Really nice first game!

Nice first game Snubby! Hoping to see many more to come! I love them games, sorta like the helicopter one if youve ever played it, voted 5! and everyone else should to!.


Snubby responds:

Hah, thanks man. The helicopter game is the one I got inspired from, I tried to make this one better by adding music, orbs, menu, better graphics, etc. Thanks much!


That was cool, I only got up to 967 points....., oh well Great Job Snubby


Snubby responds:

You got close to my score, nice try. The pink level is easier than the blue one, just a hint ;)

Thanks for the review, buddy.

Nifty remake?

It reminds me Worm...but it's Bird instead. The animation/graphics were smooth and cute. I have yet to beat your score! I only got 800 so far after 4 plays! But I'll do it....I will beat that score. ^^ Nice game and lots of fun to play! 5/5

Snubby responds:

Thanks for the review, good luck on beating my score. Somebody else got 1400, weird much?

Thanks for the review, and the 5. Love to hear that!


Almost beat your score 913 >:(

Snubby responds:

I updated my score to 1300 something, so nice try! TIP: Moving rocks don't affect you if you are going really fast.

Thanks for the review :)


I like it a lot, man. Awesome job on this.

Everything was drawn and put together very well. It ran smooth and was a lot of fun.


Snubby responds:

Thanks a lot for the support, couldn't do it without ya!