Reviews for "Hurry Bird"

Well, I can't say there was anything that bad about this. It seemed like the main problem was that it was just the same background over and over. I can't say it was that bad, because I'm fairly good at it. I just thought it would have some humor in it, like your cartoons. The music was pretty good.

I guess it wasn't mean or anything, just rather dull. I got a score of 660, which I imagine is pretty high. I don't know the difference between the yellow and green balls. The drawings aren't that bad. It's quite mediocre.


I like these kind of games. It was kind of repetitive but it was still pretty fun. Can't wait for more 'toons from ya!

Snubby responds:

I was going to make Hurry Bird 2 with more kickass gameplay, but I dropped the idea so I can make more cartoons.

pretty good

it looks realy good, and altough iv played alot of games with this teme before, this one is probly one of or the best version. and i liked the music =) i like techno lol. the only thing is, i dont get why. why would a bird fly through a cave collecting magic floating orbs? lol. but anyway, goodjob

Snubby responds:

...Why wouldn't a bird fly through a cave collecting magical orbs? Havn't you ever watched the discovery channel?

thanks for the review.

Very nice!

I've played a game somewhat like this before...not quite sure where though. But you did a nice job on it! I love birds...

My only suggestions on how to make this better are:
1. Maybe some better music that isn't so short. Listening to the same loop over and over is a bit too much...
2. I'd suggest a built-in highscore board. That would be perfect for a game like this.

Snubby responds:

I love birds too, I have a series called Duck Luck that co-stars a bird.

1. Better music? Sure, it was a quick selection anyway. It's hard to find music everybody likes, though.

2. I'd love to have a scoreboard, but unfortunately that's some heavy duty programming that I am not worthy of. Would be a great installment though, agreed.

Thanks for the review, :)

Quite funny

I got 1180, guess I beat you ^^

Somehow this game is quite amusing for some time... but after a short while you REALLY get bored. Its everyeveryevery time the same. The same music. The same landscape. The same bird... I think you get what I mean. =)

But nontheless, you got potential - keep it up.

Snubby responds:

Actually, I updated my score to 1300 just recently, so HA!

Yeah, I realize it can get boring. Actually not the same landscape though, there are 2 different maps which are selected randomly, as well as 3 backgrounds. You must have just been unlucky. And yes, the same bird because that is the character.

I see what you mean, thanks for the review. My next game should be better, but as you can see from my other submissions I am more of an artist than a programmer.