Reviews for "Hurry Bird"

Could be improved

It was a decent looking game and in fact I did enjoy it for a few seconds until I noticed the fact that more often than not I could fly right through the moving rocks. The music got annoying pretty fast, as did the repetitive 'maze'. However I liked your style and graphics and was glad that you included more than one type of 'powerup'. With some polishing and change of layout I think this could be at least a decent game.

Snubby responds:

Well, I tried to make it as non-reppetitive as I could, with things like random backgrounds and 2 different maps. I tried...

...Also, I regret to say that all the powerups do the same thing; +25 points. I didn't realize the colors were misleading, I thought nobody would care. I added a lot of shuffled stuff so reduce reppetition. -___-

Thanks for the review.

it's not bad

Your high score of 1011 was beaten easily once i knew the controls.

I kinda stopped after going through the same thing for the 8th time around.

Snubby responds:

The controls were on the menu at the bottem. 8 times 'round is a lot, thanks for the support.



This game is very simmilar to that helicopter one. But it's far better. I liked it.

Snubby responds:

Thank you, I tried to make it better. Thanks a lot!


That was cool, I only got up to 967 points....., oh well Great Job Snubby


Snubby responds:

You got close to my score, nice try. The pink level is easier than the blue one, just a hint ;)

Thanks for the review, buddy.

good, but not great

i liked it a lot, but it was too similar to other games i've seen. nice game though

Snubby responds:

Thanks, yeah the idea isn't that original, but I tried to spice it up with more features and graphic shuffles. Thanks much.