Reviews for "Hurry Bird"


I like the whole concept, but something is easily noticable ;__;. It's the same pattern over and over again, which makes it old very quickly. Also, it's a bit weird that a bird would explode when it hits a wall. Even though it's funny :P.
Ha, at first I hit the up key over and over again XD. So fix my first problem and I'm satisfied. Ducks are awesome.


Snubby responds:

Ah yes, I've heard this much. The pattern was reppetitive becuase otherwise it would have created lagg, that's why I added another map (the two are randomly selected, along with a background out of 3).

If you've kept of with my past work, which I assume you haven't (I don't blame you) I was previously paid to make explosions for people. It has been a gimmek of mine to have things explode, it was kind of like a joke.

And yes, Ducks are awesome, I co-star one in a series I produce called Duck Luck. Check it out in my profile.

Thanks for the review, your score kind of sucked though XD

Ok for a first attempt

It's pretty good for a first attempt, but this concept is quite old and dated. You could have tried making a 'snake' game or something with better results. Keep it up though!

Snubby responds:

I realize the concept is old, that is why I tried to make things interresting with better graphics, shuffled backgrounds (3) and maps (2), a menu, etc.

I COULD have tried a snake game had I known how to program it, they are harder than you'd think.

Thanks for the review.


this was in no way new, it was quite boring, the level kept repeating itself, and there were glitches such as:

I hit a rock and didnt die
I didnt hit a rock and i DID die
I touched a glowing thingy and didnt get it

meh, it was ok, but it could be better. next time you make a game that's similar to so many out there, just add a twist for a much better score on your submission :D

Good effort!

Snubby responds:

Well, your glitch list isn't actually correct, I left some leeway (sp?) for the bounds because as the map scrolled faster I didn't want to be too strict. You didn't hit a rock, you skimmed it. As for the other two you listed, those are incorrect because my bounds actions were constructed of ~6 percise lines, none of which could lead to you hitting a point and not getting it or dying after not hitting a rock. The fast scrolling map must have confused you.

I realize that this is similar to other games, but as you can see from my other submissions I am more of an artist as opposed to a programmer. I tried as best and I could to spice this up and make it different from the other ones, with things like shuffled maps (2), shuffled backgrounds (3) and other things like orbs (which aren't in the helicopter game). I realize the level reppeated itself, it was only about 1500 pixels long, that's why I added another. If you have ever programmed a panel engine, you'd know how hard it is to get the loop right.

Thanks for the review!

w00t beaten ur high score

i got 1071 points :P:P lol im happy now and i voted 5 on ur game

Snubby responds:

Thanks, you beat my score just barely, grr! Thanks for the high vote, I really appreciate the support. Much love.


good job... could b better like..

*longer map lenght
*harder obsticles when getting further

Snubby responds:

Yeah, the maps are looped with a panel engine so it was really hard to constuct a successfull loop, also this game was made in about 12 hours so I was in a bit of a hurry. It's funny becuase this actually did better than one my my submissions that took 3 months, weird huh?

Also, I tried to make the obstacles not too hard because if you didn't notice the map scroll speed is slowly incrementing, so if they were too hard it would be too difficult to get past a certain score. Y'know?

Thanks for the review.