Reviews for "Hurry Bird"


Almost beat your score 913 >:(

Snubby responds:

I updated my score to 1300 something, so nice try! TIP: Moving rocks don't affect you if you are going really fast.

Thanks for the review :)

Nifty remake?

It reminds me Worm...but it's Bird instead. The animation/graphics were smooth and cute. I have yet to beat your score! I only got 800 so far after 4 plays! But I'll do it....I will beat that score. ^^ Nice game and lots of fun to play! 5/5

Snubby responds:

Thanks for the review, good luck on beating my score. Somebody else got 1400, weird much?

Thanks for the review, and the 5. Love to hear that!


I like it a lot, man. Awesome job on this.

Everything was drawn and put together very well. It ran smooth and was a lot of fun.


Snubby responds:

Thanks a lot for the support, couldn't do it without ya!


Pretty cool.

At first I thought that it was just a dumb looping game, but then I realized that it got harder as you went along AND that the level changed sometimes. Or all the time. Whatever. Guess what? 1323! In your face! Actually, It's not too much better than yours. Also, I did try it about 4 times before getting that, so yeah. But I'm still sort of proud of myself. Not really though. That gets really tough as it goes on! Good job. The Graphics are good, the music is cool, and It's just a good game overall. This will get front page. (I bet) Good job. ;)

Snubby responds:

NICE SCORE!! Also thumbs up for realizing the shuffled backgrounds and maps, I've been working my ass of trying to explain that to other reviewers.

Thanks, also I don't think I'll get front page but nice thought.


Old, but a decent try.

I suggest expanding the level, instead of repeating the exact same background over and over. New obstacles, other birds, whatever. Be creative. You've got the right idea.

Snubby responds:

I tried to reduce lagg and reppetition by having several randomly shuffled backgrounds and maps, if you have played it a couple of more times you'd notice.

Ah yes, I could have been more creative but I made this in about 12 hours, which is VERY quick Flash-wise, it was more of a test that turned into a project. I'll be spending months on my next game, and it will be better.

Thanks for the review, but I don't think I deserve a 3...