Reviews for "Advanced RPG tut"

ya 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great alsome like i gave 5 needs explnation thowe


very good!!

it helped me allot!

thank you!

Thank You

Finally I have found a tutorial I have been looking for. Brilliant, I give you applause. I would recommend a part two for people, teaching them to make monsters, and being able to attack the monsters.

West-End-Pro responds:

Thnx for the applause. I give you applause too XD I might do a part two but the only reason i did this was because I was bored and I couldn't be bothered to continue with my game ^^. Glad you like it anyway.

i did all but...

i dont understand the part of the healt... o.o

great tut but

the hp thing aint wrking i did everything