Reviews for "Advanced RPG tut"


Nice tut, duuuuuuude. But I dear say theres alot better when than using the v-cam. But anyway its clear and all that. So good job.

West-End-Pro responds:

Ye I know...I really should update it sometime but....blah...

Thnx for the review..

it sez rpg

thet is platform but the front sez rpg dont get confuesd with platform and rpg


you can't copy and past the code of the API-cam!

West-End-Pro responds:

I've uploaded a different version of this, so you should be able to copy and paste it now, but don't you have to wait a while for the admins to allow it to happen??

Thank You

Finally I have found a tutorial I have been looking for. Brilliant, I give you applause. I would recommend a part two for people, teaching them to make monsters, and being able to attack the monsters.

West-End-Pro responds:

Thnx for the applause. I give you applause too XD I might do a part two but the only reason i did this was because I was bored and I couldn't be bothered to continue with my game ^^. Glad you like it anyway.


very good!!

it helped me allot!

thank you!